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Weed Pet by Oltecs 2022

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**Weedy Weed Pet 2022 by Oltecs **

  • Description: Weedy the glowing weed Pet
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: top_head

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Waiting for committee response

Jajajaj… I like it. Best pet ever.

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Thanks a lot man, you deserve. a free one :wink: when i get approved i will send you 1, send me your address by message or leave it here

This is hella cute I like it

really cute! def interested in one!

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Waiting for response from the committee, i hope it can get approved soon

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I hope everything is ok so it can get approveed soon.

Hey, cool pet

Approved it now

could you approve again the wearable i did weeks ago and was approved but i made some changes please