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Wearables CryptoDeejayz

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Hoodie CryptoDeejayz

Cap CryptoDeejayz

Mushroom Guy FullBody

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Hey, just a couple clipping issues on the hoodie around waist and arms area for female (male is good). Make sure to delete the arms faces that arent visible under the hoodie. Hat needs to be made double sided so it doesnt appear transparent and also hide the hair. Skin has some issues with weighting. Make sure to use the correct armature and not apply transforms after its weighted.

Hey @Yannakis,
Thank you for your quick answer !
We made all the modifications you asked. Could you check it again please ?

Hey, just a few flipped normals on the hat on the skin, no arms on the hoodies and clipping on the female like shown before around waist area


Hey @Yannakis

Thank you again for your feedback. We made the changes.
Hope everything is good this time !


Hey, still a couple gaps on hat and need to hide hair to avoid clipping with hair. You can add hair to the design if you dont want it to be bald. For the hoodie theres still some clipping around the waist. You can either scale it up or add a female representation with the waist at a higher level

Ok we are on it now!

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Hi @Yannakis

Modifications done ! Could you tell me if everything is good for you ?

Thank you!

Collection approved!

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