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Hey, I’ll check this now~

Hey, this has a few flipped faces. Let me know when it’s all updated~

@michi can you give a check again please thank you

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Hello! just reviewing this now, looks like male has been applied to female~
Let me know when it’s updated!

@michi Can you check again please thank you (:

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All approved, thank you!

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@michi we try to change thumbnail. Can you check for last time please

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Hi! @michi can you check thumbnail pls thank you ^^

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, just went to re-approve but looks like your female shirt has been updated a bit funny?
Can you reupload the female version and I can approve~

can you check pls :blush: @michi

Oops, the female looks good but in the new update you lost the male and new thumbnail haha

Let me know when this is fixed and I can approve~

i think i fixed it can you check it @michi :smiley:

Currently male is uploaded for both~
Also looks like the male is now super off the hips.
Can you update this?

hahaha i hope fixed can u check again pls @michi :slight_smile:

Great job! Looks good now, that’s been re-approved~

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