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WC 2022 Argentina

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Argentina T-shirt

Argentina Flag

The collection has been assigned to Sango

theres clipping on the female waist on the shirt.

The flag will need earrings added and the earrings need to take up 50% of the thumbnail for it to fit that category

Hi, please check again the female t-shirt. I think it´s already fixed. Thanks

please add the earring to the thumbnail too, it needs to take up 50% of the thumbnail

Ready! Please let me know if it´s ok. Thanks

hi it seems thew thumbnail update hasnt been pushed, please make sure you click save at the bottom of the screen when you upload the new thumbnail

I don´t have a save button for the thumbnail… help

i think i´ve already done it now… thanks…

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could you try reupload the model with the new thumbnail, it hasnt updated my end yet

Ready… please check. Thanks

i see that you moved the flag to one side but you need to enlarge the eearring in the thumbnail so it can be seen

How about now? Please!

the earring must be enlarges so it is visible on the thumbnail still

right now its far too small

Ready! Please check it. Thanks

This collection has been approved