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Wearables Shirt

hey i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

is this just a place holder for now?

Thanks @Sango yes this a place holder for now will let you know ASAP when it is finished!

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@Sango I uploaded the male rep but it wont let me upload the female version and it is only 1.5 mb . do they have to equal less then 2 mb both female and male files together?

yes, male and female should be no more than 2mb together. try using jpegs as textures to reduce file size

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@Sango I think it is working. Did the female upload work? the male did. and thumbnail. it is confusing. all files are under 2MB now so should work. thanks.

hey theres no female version on my end and the male version has a white hand

@Sango The male has been fixed and re-uploaded and the female file still wont be able to upload. says to big even tho both files plus thumbnail does not equal 2MB. Can we send to you to upload? Since it may be a glitch?

if the male one works mabye we can get it approved then upload female glb after?

i think the true limit is around 1.8mb for some reason. how much are both representations together?

Yes total is 1.864 MB we can try to cut more. Can we approve male for now and we will cut the female file more?

@Sango the female file has been compressed and uploaded and ready for approval! thanks!


This collection has been approved

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Thank yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!

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