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Wacky Alien Bucket Hat

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Wacky Alien Bucket Hat

Hello checking this now

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  • Please ad hair as hides.
  • Please specify in the wearable description that hair are not paintable but fixed color.
  • check if you want to add any tag
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hey @fabeeobreen

Thank you.

Hey there!

These should be updated now.

There is a little hole in the hair for both bodies. Probably a flipped normal?
Check this out, see images.
Everything else is ok!

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cool!! will do!


Hey @fabeeobreen

I think I have corrected both…however, I seem to be lost…

Are there any docs on…

…editing M/F representations and
…how to upload these…
once a collection is under review?

thanks in advance…

Yes! Here is a workaround :slight_smile:
“At the moment, there’s a way to achieve what you need by first creating a male or female representation and then accessing the item detail page to create the counterpart using the context menu option like the following image shows:”

Thank you!

I believe the issues have been corrected.

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@JUDASJUDAS collection approved! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help

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hey @fabeeobreen

I pushed amendments for review… I think it was just a slight change with the tags…if i can remember correctly.

Thank you

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I updated the thumbnail could you please review.

thank you

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen