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W3Mint | Limited edition MVFW23

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**Decentraland Citizen | W3Mint **

Will check this item now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Looks like the hat is clipping with the hair. Please hide hair and add it as a mesh to the design if you want.
Also need to hide helmet and mask

@Yannakis thank you for the fast reply. I hide hair, helmet and mask. Let me know if ok now ?

Collection approved!

Amazing thank you @Yannakis

@Yannakis i submitted again a few days ago to fix the hat think. Can you please check ?

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@Yannakis can you please check ? Thank you

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Hey! Theres a small issue here. Please also add helmet to hides

@Yannakis it’s done ! let me know

Still the same issue and no hair for female version

Hi @Yannakis! i submitted a new file which fix the hair issue. Can you let me know if it works ?

Hi @fabeeobreen - i’m tagging you too on this in case @Yannakis does not work here anymore

Hey @Rycks was oof for the last week. Checking this collection rn!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Theres a lot of clipping with the default hair. You have to hide it and add a hair mesh to the wearable glb or leave it without hair

Hi @Yannakis thank you let me circle back with dev

Hi @Yannakis we removed the hat for the female version so we should not have that problem anymore. Ok for you ?

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The same goes for both male and female versions (male shown in picture above)