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All that glitter



i will review this now

slipping issues need resolving

please try bring the tri limit down to 3k on this item too and also the thumbnail needs fixing?

Hi Sango, thanks for reviewing the collection. I fixed your comments, could you check again please? Thank you!

hi theres still some clipping on the neckline whilst running

make sure there are verts on the dress in the same location as the verts on the neckline so that you can weight it to move the same to avoid clipping

could you also add backfaces for the cuffs of the trousers

Thanks for your quick feedback!
I uploaded a new version, could you check on the backface culling? As this issue is not visible for me in the builder, but it should be fixed.
Regarding the glitches at the neckline, I improved it, however Im new at weight painting and Im afraid I ll need to reimport the model to blender and start from scratch tomorrow if this one doesnt work - will wait for your feedback! Many thanks!

sweet, i will check this over now.

issue still persists. ,you will need to manually ad din the backface round the bottom of the trousers.

the hands also seem like the normals are inverted on all versions

It is possible for you to test the items in game, go to the collection and click the “…” then “see in world”. you will need to switch to ropsten network.

Amazing, thanks for this tip that helped me a lot with my further 20 trials ^^
Please check this look now, everything looked fine to me in the world (glitches at neckline, backfaces of cuffs, flipped normals at gloves).
I will also update the gloves of the other looks in the meantime

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I updated the gloves of the other 2 looks, so you can actually review all of the 3 looks now :slight_smile: thanks so much!

Hi sango, did you have a chance to check them yet? :slight_smile:

just the gap near the neck then we’re good to go

Thanks!! But Sorry which gap do you mean?

It’s fixed! Thank you so much for the explanation, hope all is working now :crossed_fingers: let me know if any further issues please :slight_smile:

Hi Sango, any chance we can still get this published today for the last day of the metaverse fashion week? :grimacing: :pray:

Hi i will check now, please make sure you click “reply” to my message, ive not been getting notifications on this thread because of this and will speed my response time if i do get notified. thanks

Noted, thanks for pointing out!

it seems youve uploaded the old model. now 2 of the original issues are present


I ll look into it now

I had not exported the addtl faces at the cuffs, sry. redid the collar
pls check if all is ok now?
apologies for the back and forth.