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VV Community Grand Prix 2022

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Silver Grand Prix Helm

Gold Grand Prix Helmet

Bronze Grand Prix Helmet

I’ll check this now~

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This is all good to go, if you can update the thumbnail to be transparent or at least dropped to a 5%-10% opacity.
Currently super busy preview~
I can approve this once updated!

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Hey @michi I reduced the checkered pattern to 22% opacity. Let me know if this is sufficient!

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Thanks for that update, all approved!

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Hey @michi I just pushed an update converting these items to Smart Wearables. :pray:


This is all approved, the smart feature I can’t really see in game so let me know if there’s any issues in Vroomway!

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Hey @michi finally got this working with the help of foundation devs. You should be able to preview my pushed changes on the testnet now. :pray: