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Vroomway Racers Series 1

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Hover Car Lvl1

Hover Car Lvl3

Hover Car Lvl2

Hover Bike Lvl3

Hover Bike Lvl2

Hover Bike Lvl1

Speed Boots Lvl3

Speed Boots Lvl2

Speed Boots Lvl1

Will check these now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hi @Yannakis yannakis, we are missing some elements so we will update these soon!

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Awesome just tag me here when you do!

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Hey @Yannakis these are ready for review finally! We had major issues with the catalyst image bug.

Hey, please scale down the wings, change the thumbnails to display the actual wearables and change the boots 2-3 so they dont looks that similar

Hey @Yannakis we have updated the files! Let us know how you go!

Looks good. Just make sure to remove the rollers from the thumbnails

Sorry about that, just fixed @Yannakis

Collection approved!

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@Yannakis sorry to bother you, push an update on this collections utility description :pray:

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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