Collection 'Vogu x JustHype Fashion Show '22' created by FeekaCafe is ready for review!

Vogu x JustHype Fashion Show '22

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Super Puffer

Hype Trench Coat [VOGU]

Hype Thermal Shorts [TWOTONE]

Hype SuperPuffer [VOGU]

Hype Cargo Pants [CENTURION]

Hype Backpack [TWOTONE]

Hype Backpack [GOLD]

**Hype Backpack [CHROME] **

Hype Dad Shoes [CENTURION]

Hype Cargo Pants [VOGU]

Hype Cargo Pants [PATRICIAN]

Hype Dad Shoes [VOGU]

Hype Dad Shoes [PATRICIAN]

Hype V-Crop Jacket [VOGU]

Hype TurtleNeck [CENTURION]

Hype TurtleNeck [VOGU]

Hype Thermal Shorts [VOGU]

Hype T + Vest [VOGU]

Hype T + Vest [PATRICIAN]

Hype Backpack [BLACK]


hi i will review this collection now

this collection has been approved

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Just had a question on this one, I noticed the Hype Backpack Chrome doesn’t seem to fit well with the Cargo Pants, Is this by design? (where the shirt and pants meet) I have attached a picture to show what I’m looking at. Love the work you put in! Bought a few items and just wanted make sure you were aware of this. Much Love!!!