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Visionary Inc. Series #1

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**Basic Bifocals **

Checking this now @DaNatural1#9d55!

Hey @DaNatural1#9d55!

These glasses are so cool! Love them! Just a small detail, maybe adding a transparent glass will be cool!

Let me know what you think, if not is OK.


Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 01.30.51

Thank you so much Shibu! I just started creating again so I am a bit rusty, I wanted to add transparency to the lens but I was having trouble. I have a whole catalog of unique glasses I am working on with a friend so this is just the beginning!

Also, do you happen to know how long they usually take to approve items for sale??

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Hey @DaNatural_1!

Actually doing this is quite simple! Made a quick example for you:

  1. You have this (the structure of the glasses)

  2. Create 2 loops inside the structure. Your shape is going to be more complicated than this one so maybe you will need to adjust the mesh.

  1. Fill the inside creating the 2 transparent sides of the glasses. In Blender you can press F (faces) for the shortcut.

  1. Check that the normals are pointing to the right sides. You can check this in “face orientation”. If it’s flipped you will need to fix it changing the normal direction.

  2. Create two materials, one for the base structure and one for the transparency.

  1. For the transparent material you will need to change the material settings to alpha blend and check backface culling. Also decrease the alpha in the material properties. (Also you can achieve this using an alpha texture)

I hope it helps!! Let me know,

PD: If not i can approve it because technically is OK.

Thank you Shibu for your help. I looked at my design and considering this was my 1st one for DCL, I realize that I started the design off poorly. I just spoke with my partner about changing up some of our next few designs. Unfortunately neither of us have the time or money to revamp this first project as it was already a considerable initial investment for us both. We would like to proceed forward with the current design if that’s ok.

P.S I had no idea about the forum until today and have a few more questions for you about blender and the presentation we are allowed for our item pictures. Thanks!

OK then, collection approved!

Thank you so much!! As for that question. My partner created a gif to go along with our next collections. Can we use those gifs for the items or will it be too distracting??

Is not possible to add gif as thumbnails @DaNatural_1, only .png format with transparency.