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Virtewel x WaltAdler 1st Collab

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Walt Adler 24 Karat Block Chain


Hey looks awesome but you’ll probably have to add an earring too since thats the category so its not misleading. Thumnail should also display the category item (earring) on at least 50% of it. Just a tip so you dont have to wait more time after the currators get to your wearable and tell you to do that. Good luck!


@Yannakis Thank you for the heads up!

I was able to use my last 5 triangles to create a stud earring for the upper ear. Hard for me to zoom into just the earring so that it takes up 50% of the thumbnail image. Do you know if this is a hard fast rule for the thumbnail image?

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Could just make it bigger in blender, take a screenshot or render and then clear the background. No need for zoom.

Hey @BlingArt!

Please make the earring more visible, more than 50% of the thumbnail. Thanks

@Shibu Thank you for the reply! I have updated the thumbnail.

Also, I updated my username to Virtewel#242b, is it possible to use this name instead of BlingArt when posting?

@Shibu Please let me know if this is acceptable. thank you! w

collection approved!

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