Collection 'VIRTEWEL x Walt Adler #14' created by VIRTEWEL is ready for review!

VIRTEWEL x Walt Adler #14

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Turquoise Diamond Headphones

Turquoise Diamond Choker + Stud

Turquoise Diamond, L-Hand + Aura

Turquoise Diamond, R-Hand + Ears

The collection has been assigned to 0x5ce9fb617333b8c5a8f7787710f7c07002cb3516

Hey, chocker doesnt fit the mask category, aura isnt that visible in game and please display main asset at 50% of thumnail pls. Tag me here once you update!

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Hi @Yannakis I’ve updated the files and they are ready for review.

  • Nose Stud ‘mask’ with Choker file updated. Made nose stud prominent in the thumbnail and made it first in the title.
  • Aura - much larger and more prominent in both game and thumbnail so it stands out.

Thank you.

Collection approved!

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