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Vertle Beach

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Vertle Beach Companion

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@michi This ones for you my friend!


I’ll have a look now~

This is so damn cute!

Currently weighted to top head but I would recommend weighting 100% to this with no interference:

Other than that it’s good to go. Not required but I would even recommend updating the thumbnail to show how cool this is haha
I didn’t realise till I tried it on~

Let me know how you go!

O wow Thank you for such a swift respone!! Im glad you like it haha! Currently they are on separate bones Glasses on Head and the pack is on Spine 2. So you want me to try the glasses bound to spine2 as well? :smiley: @michi

Oh no! Sorry, glasses was fine. I meant the backpack~ haha

Proof how much I love the backpack, I’m entranced by the turtle hahaha

I wish i could sculp a bit better detail on faces but slowly getting there. Um yea so the pack is already on that Spine. how can i fix that stretching when you head exploded

When in weight paint mode, select top head and go edit mode → select only the backapack → Cmnd+G (mac soz) and then say remove from active. That should remove all the weight from top head!

Let me know if you get stuck~

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i may have removed the spines from vertex group by doing this by mistake, how would i get them back into that grouping undoing did not work lol

I’ll DM now, one moment plz~

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This is approved, I’m so flattered to be your muse in the description haha

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Thank you so much for the assistance and quick response!!! I hope you have a great rest of the day!

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