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Vegas City x Aquarium

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Vegas City x Aquarium Whale Tail

Adding the tail as a mask may be confusing for many users. You may want to consider adding it to a lower body to have better integration with other items.
What about adding the tail to a swimsuit or swim shorts :wink:
Thank you!

Hey @vrglitch
I totally see your point, and it’s a dilemma because I agree, but equally, adding a tail to an Avatar seems like a potentially fun thing to do - and is more of a ‘body mask’ rather than a piece of clothing.
Should a mask be limited entirely face? Have any other wearables used a mask for a non ‘face’ piece of apparel/accessory?

Would this prevent the curation committee from approving this item?

The issue, is that we also don’t want really want to replace the lower body item of clothing as a whale tail should be a complement for an existing look.

Hey @JamesA , we can’t approve it as a mask neither with clipping issues with other wearables.
Please reformulate your design to feet any wearable category or wait till new categories are integrated.
Thanks for your comprehension

Hi @vrglitch we have changed the wearable to have integrated shorts (male) and mini-sarong (female).
Is it possible for you to change submission so we can upload seperate Male and Female versions as we could not come up with a unisex bottom half that worked.
But the UI doesn’t seem to let us now load both Male and Female representations. The UI lets us - but one replaces the other.
The event we need this for is 1 week today so if we need to create a new submission for this, please can you link it to this one so that we are not needing to wait another week for this to be approved.

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Hey @JamesA ! Awesome update. You can include the other representation by going to your collection, then click on the item row.

Then click on the three dots menu to add the other model.

Usually both representation have slightly different designs. It would not be an issue if you submit both under the same collection.

Let me know when you are ready and i will take a look.

Thank you!

Hey @vrglitch
The wearables are ready for your review.
Let me know if anything else needs addressing :slight_smile:

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Great work! Your collection has been approved.