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VBONE Female Shirt

VBONE Female Shorts

VBONE Male Shirt

VBONE Male Shorts


hey i will check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi theres a shading issue on the upper chest of both the male and female shirts, make sure the edges of the neck are marked as sharp so that the shading is consistent across the transition. That could be the resolution.


We’ll work on that and upload a revised version. Thanks!

Hi Sango,

We’ve submitted the revised upper body (shirts) for both the male and female forms as you have suggested.



Hi Sango,

I hope that all is well. I’m just following-up to let you know that we have updated/submitted the shirts as you requested.


John (vbone creator)

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Ive just taken a look at the model and the issue is still there.

i opened it in blender and i can see that there is a gap in the neck where the head meets the upper body. Make sure the verts of the neck line sit exactly on the position of the neck line verts of the neckline on the head of the base mesh model

Hi Sango,

Thanks for clarifying the issue. I think that it’s resolved now. I just uploaded a revised version.


John (vbone)

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