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Venus Head

David Body

Venus Body

David Neon Skin

Venus Neon Skin


David Head

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reviewing your collection now!

Sorry for the wait, I’ll review now!
Can you please send confirmation of usage or licensing for the 3D scans of these statues to as most scans are for non-profit usage and allowed public download and access for research/historical purposes. An example being Statue Of David that was allowed access to scan through The Digital Michelangelo Project and requireds written permission by the Soprintendenza or written permissions by Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze. While you shoot that through I’ll start the revision process :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Under the current Content Policy which defines the acceptance criteria for the wearables displayed in Decentraland, there are rules around distasteful or obscene nudity in game but these are historically known pieces of art and this is a global platform so I see no disrespect. I’m going to have the art director + committee review my decision after legal confirmation and IP requirements have been approved as this is the first case of obvious nudity on the platform.

In the meantime there are just a few tweaks to ensure correct weighting requirements are being met.

Currently the full body statues can use a little bit of weighting around the shoulders to prevent the neck warping too much and there is also quite a lot of clipping into the ground. I would recommend setting up the armature for legs and removing the base ground from the model to stop the clipping and allowing legs to move.

With the column the head isn’t really connected to the base and looks quite funny. If you can update the design to work well with this issue only then can it be considered for approval.

Let me know when this is all updated and legal has been contacted~
Thank you!


For some reason the anti spam Akismet service catched my reply 2 days ago and the post was never approved :frowning_with_open_mouth:. Now I just confirmed that if I insert ANY link, the service sets the post as spam and bye bye… Let me rewrite everything again

Hello Michi!
Nice to meet you

Regarding the David model, we got the BASE model from → www. myminifactory .com/es/object/3d-print-michelangelo-s-david-in-florence-italy-2052. (I’m breaking the string so our friend Akismet doesn’t set the post as spam for the 10th time…)

Notice that there is a pretty big utility margin in the licence:

If you click in any of those icons you’ll get to the detailed page which states

and so on.

I’ll continue in the next reply

And regarding the Venus model, we got the BASE model from www. myminifactory .com /object/3d-print-venus-aphrodite-is-the-goddess-of-love-she-was-depicted-in-the-nude-or-in-various-stages-of-nudity-and-painted-the-figure-is-executed-in-the-hellenistic-style-and-famed-for-its-sensuous-appearance-it-supposedly-lost-its-arms-in-a-struggle-arising-b-25162, which has the public domain licence (also mixing, etc):


I used capital letters in BASE on purpose and the reason is that we reworked each mesh lots and lots of times on zbrush and textured until we got our final version. Believe me that you will not find our model anywhere.

Conclusion: There is no need to reach these stock servers for licences since they are already there.


We discussed this and the conclusion was that we are representing the greek version of the anatomy on our statues. These are rock statues and show the bodies depicted by them on their times. Pure history :nerd_face: , we are not augmenting the genitals or sexualazing in any way.
I hope you get the same conclusion :crossed_fingers:

I’ll continue on the next and last post


The idea of this collection was indeed, having a greek rock statue that looks quite funny as you well said. We worked in that base ground on purpose and we strongly believe that it’s hilarious how the models walk and run. We want them to move like statues :laughing:

In the case of the column, we didn’t weighted the neck so the column is rigid. We fully weighted it to the hip on purpose. We will make it a little taller so the head looks connected

In the case of the statues, they are fully weighted to the hip. Of course there are trade offs (animations, accesories) but our goal is to be avant-garde creators and escape (just a little) from the classic ways.

And we are not the only ones, there are already approved and minted items like broom legs, bikes, etc so we think that we are not asking for anything crazy to be honest. Right? :slight_smile:

What if we assure you that we will describe all the trade offs on the item’s page in the marketplace before buying our assets? So that the people know what they are getting and they choose wisely knowing all the trade offs
Please let the people be statues :joy: :pray:
Imagine glowing statues on dcl parties!
Be part of the futur-niture! :star2:

hey @michi hi!
Just wanted to tell you that I’ve sent the email to legals :nerd_face:

Also regarding the stone base, I’ve seen a lots of these threads getting approvals so we understand that there is no obligation on having rigged / moving legs

Please let me know if we are ok to proceed and thank you!

Hi, even tho I dont approve collections that overlap with floor :slight_smile:
From my side i would like to recommend to do better skinning, especially on chest and neck part, and maybe shorten bottom part to avoid overlapping with floor. :slight_smile:

Thats all from me, can’t write anything else, because this wearable collection on Michi side!

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Thank you so much for taking the time and sorry late reply, on the topic of legal I’ll wait to hear back and see if they can confirm usage of these artworks as most 3D scans of these statues are for non-profit research purposes.
Regarding the reference of the Vroom wearables as @theankou has pointed out the weighting has a very different treatment. Currently from my previous feedback please review the weighting and moving forward there’s a push from the committee to match the base mesh weighting more accurately when possible.
Again, if you do in fact have written sign off from the owners of the 3D scans I would recommend weighting the statue so even the legs move (not necessarily the whole body). Currently it’s a solid/ridged object with quite a lot of clipping and issues within the game which we’re trying to avoid for quality purposes. The pillar would be a bit of a stretch for a approval but I’m happy to review once updated and discuss the collection as a whole. As you know each collection is case by case and this set is very different from the vroom vroom set.

I also know the vaporwave art movement uses a lot of these iconic references but 3D and 2D Creative Commons have different rules and licensing.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss but for now I can’t approve in this current state~

Edit: From the link you posted Kristian hasn’t approved that collection just yet and is giving similar feedback so maybe not an accurate reference for this situation. If you need I’m also happy to find some approved references :pray:

Just an update on this @CodexAegis , legal has reached out to say you have been in contact and should be able to proceed based on conditions you’ve met. If you can attempt at having the mesh not clipping with the floor and follow the feedback given around weighting for approval then I’ll re-review. It’s close to being approved! Just a few more updates and it’s good to go~

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I’m also just confirming that the nudity as art will be accepted under the current guidelines~
Will need to confirm with the other curators before approval!
Thank you for being so patient. :pray:

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Thanks @michi !
Let us work on the corrections and I’ll get back to you

regards :slight_smile:

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Hello again @michi :smiley:


  • Updated all the models

To do

  • We will update the thumbnails and item descriptions for the marketplace this week

Please when you have some minutes recheck the models and let us know if we are good :crossed_fingers:

How does the process continue? Once you approve the collection and we update the images and descriptions, which are the next steps?

Thank you!

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@michi hi, do you have any update? it’s been 5 days

I’ll check now! Sorry, I think I missed this update!

Looking through I can’t really see the updates?
Currently the legs on the statue still seem to be static and not weighted to move and quite a lot of clipping.
Currently the pillar isn’t designed to work as an avatar but an object, if you can update this to be closer to the base meshes A/B or weighted to the armature.
I recommend checking out the guidelines if you’re not sure~

Please let me know once you’ve updated and I’ll re-review.

And please tell me @michi that the committee is not approving rigid models for no one anymore

Right? :slight_smile:

If you make the updates it can be approved, currently these are statues and not cars. Moving forward you shouldn’t see more vehicles (even though currently yours are statues) getting approved but some might due to each revision being a case-by-case bases.

hi @michi !
After so much time we finally made the updates

Please recheck and approve if possible


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