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Unity never goes out of style

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Two Tone Teflon

Two Tone Trilby

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey hey, just a gap here around the head. A simple fill should fix it! (Just the gold one on both male and female)

Hi I have uploaded a new file. Thanks!

Collection approved!

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We have made changes to one of the files and pushed an update , thanks.

@Yannakis Hi we had to make changes to one of the files and need approval again, thanks. I did not tag you before because this is new to me and don’t know how to do this

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Hey @fity could you tell me what changes you’ve made?

@Yannakis it was only the legendary, actually we made changes, I didnt like it and I reuploaded the original file. Thank you.

Changes approved! @fity