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Uniqly x PunksClub

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Uniqly Wings

Uniqly Balloon

Will check these wearables now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please remove any “_end” bones from the wings. For the balloons please bring them a bit lower so they dont exceed the 2.4m limit

Hi @Yannakis , I’ve updated the 3D models, could you check them out? Thanks! (575.3 KB)

Still same issue with the wings. Try using the armature from the balloons

Hi @Yannakis I’ve updated the wings, are they fine now? :slight_smile: If possible, we’ll need them ready asap please! (418.2 KB)

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Make sure the wings are weighted to the spine bone.

@Yannakis they look fine in editor

you can click “see in world” at the top of collection page and test in game if needed

Hi @Yannakis ! Thank you for your feedback & help, I’ve updated the wings. They should be good to accept now :slight_smile:

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