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Ugly Sweater 2022

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Revenge of the Turkey

Hi! Your collection is missing in curation tab, please push any small change!
I will review this collection.

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Hello! It’s my first wearable, sorry in advance if I made something wrong.
I will make a small change in the description for example. Thanks!
PD: I did it, is it on the curation tab now?

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! This issue on female version needs to be fixed, please upload female GLB (you can upload GLB for male and for female as 1 item, no need to publish new collection or whatever )


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Hello @theankou , I’ve uploaded both of them. Can you have a look again? thank you!!!

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Can I put this images here to link it to the Ugly Sweater contest form?


I will check collection now :slight_smile:
Hm, I dont know any info about contest, I’m just a curator, so I’m not sure

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collection approved!

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