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Ugly As Syn

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A7X DBC Ugly As Syn Baseball Cap

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Hey! Cool wearable. Just 2 small things to fix!

  • Please reduce the materials down to 2


  • It looks like theres some single sided faces under the cap you’ll need to flip



Hi there. I feel silly. I had no idea this forum post was even a thing and just now discovered it. I was waiting all this time for a response. Boy is my face red.

So after I make the changes, how do I resubmit? Will I have to pay another submission fee or is this still covered under the same project?

Heya! No worries. You don’t have to pay the submission fee again, its covered under the same project.

To edit your glb simply hit the pencil in the top right of the builder -


After doing that, make sure you hit Save at the bottom (if its there). Then in the collection screen this Published button should turn into a ‘Push Changes’ Button. Hit that, and then ping me in here and I can check again!


If you need a hand with anything just reach out on here or DM me. Cheers!

I was able to make the changes and get them uploaded. The button didn’t change to say push changes so hopefully you’ll be able to see them.

Thanks again for your help,


Great cheers! This is now approved!

Right on. Thank you so much for your help. Do I need to take further action or is it live now and people can purchase, or mint them at their own discretion?

I want to work on my other wearables if this one is all set. This was sort of a test for me as I’m very new to this process, I’m sure that was obvious :rofl:

No problem! Right now only you can mint it, but its not on sale. To turn it on sale, you’ll need to flick this switch on the collection page in the builder. You can toggle this switch at anytime to turn it off and on sale.


Cool. The on sale switch is in the on position. So hopefully that works now and people are able to buy. I’m not 100% certain how that works, if it’s like making a purchase on opensea where people buy the nft and pay the gas to mint?

Thats pretty much correct. But it is minted through the decentraland marketplace at and all gas costs for minting are covered by the dao. Once it has been minted it will show up on opensea.