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Red Dragon Skates


Hi everyone: I’m new to Decentrand and creating wearables so forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere: but would there be a way to provide designers an estimate of how long the current approval process might take? For example, on the page that shows the collection status, maybe a message that says something like “Estimated approval time for a new collection is currently 23 days”. I know the approval committee is very busy, but sometimes just knowing how long you have to wait makes it easier to plan around. Thanks!

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Good suggestion @PhilipH , i’ll note it down :+1:

PS: this is not the right forum post for this request btw

Hey AirBrain#61e1

Looks like the normals on the left shoe is flipped, this needs to be corrected before approval.
And lastly, the ankle of the lower body is clipping through the skate, i’d suggest making the skates a little bit lower to hide this

@Chestnutbruze Thank you very much for the feedback: l will make the modifications.

Hi Chestnutbruze:

I fixed the flipped normals so the faces are all pointing out. I also stole a few tris from the bottom of the wheels so that I could cover the ankles better. Now exactly 1500! I tested in the ‘see in world’ environment and things seem a bit tighter. Skates don’t look ideal with some lower body gear, but I’ll note that in the description.


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Thx for making the edits they look great :slight_smile: approving now

Thanks so much for your review and feedback! I enjoyed creating these skates.

Hi @Chestnutbruze !

I was trying to edit the price of my skates wearable and for some reason it got an orange dot (unsynced) and shows “push changes” rather than published. I didn’t make any changes to the wearable other than trying to edit the price. It looks like you helped @lau back in Nov ‘21 with a similar issue. Can you help me sort it out?