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True Self is Priceless x Shanee

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Pride Dress

Pride Hat

Pride Jacket

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. A see-through issue here:

  2. Looks like a small gap here (true for female representation):

  3. Clipping issues here and here (true for female representation):

  4. Update the “Hides” category of the hat with “Hair”:

  5. Clipping issues here:

Don’t hesitate to test the wearables in-game via Ropsten testnet.


hello @AndreusAs will do, and will let you know when I made the changes on the wearables

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done @AndreusAs ! let me know if it works

Still a gap on the neck:

Still some clipping here:


Hello @AndreusAs I updated the models let me know if they work for you

Hey, still some minor clipping during walking anim here:


hello @AndreusAs Tried to make the dress bigger and solve the clipping let me know if it works :pray:

Hey, there still is some:


hello @AndreusAs I uploaded a new version of the Dress I tried fixed it and I think now is imperciptible

Hey, collection approved!