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Trader x W3AR Gen 1

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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Hey, make sure the bottom part of the shirt is only weighted to the hips bone, fill the gaps at the marked areas and lower me emission on the logo

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Thanks! FYI, it wasn’t clear that the next step after publishing was to go to this forum. We’ve been waiting on an email or some other automated response. We had to reach out to customer service to know that this forum existed. We’re working on an update now.

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File has been updated. Please confirm that you can see it and whether we can move forward with approval.

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This doesnt look quite right… Make sure to apply transforms after weighting and not after. Let me know if you need help weighting it, will be super happy to walk you through on how to do it! Also make sure to add female version too.

Hey there! I’m actually the one who created it for @theapparelguy - I would love to be walked through applying the weight paint! If possible.

Hello. We’re waiting on a response in Discord. Can you please help? This deliverable was due Monday and we’re now 24 hours late.

Hi @Yannakis - we’ve added both male and female representations. Can you please check and approve if they’re good to go now?

Thank you @catherinethewrst!