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TOTF X 3dium

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TOTF Cyber Outfit

Hey, will review this now.

  1. Consider updating the “Hides” category with “Helmet”, “Tiara”, “Top Head”, “Hair”.

  2. Consider adding a hairstyle as part of the wearable, right now lots of hairstyles clip through the hat.

  3. Consider adding some polys here to avoid this see-through issues.


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Hi @AndreusAs - feedback has been implemented.

Please let me know if all is good! :slight_smile:

  1. Tiara can be considered as misleading category - it’d be better leave it an upper body (with all the necessary “Hides” features).

  2. Still can be seen through:

  3. Also can be seen through:

  4. Consider adding a fixed hairstyle as part of the model.


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Hey @AndreusAs if you coud please have another look :slight_smile:


All good except for the hairstyle - consdier adding one as part of the wearable.


Hey @AndreusAs is the hairstyle required or can we go without it?

The hairstyle is required.

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@AndreusAs Hair included ser! please let me know if all is good now :slight_smile:

Collection approved!