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Tiger Head

Tiger Feet

Tiger Upper Body

Tiger Lower Body


Awesome avatar, good job!


Absolutely love the style of the Tiger!!! You can tell you have spent a hot minute on this!!! Good luck man!!

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Looks great, approving it now :+1:

Hey @Chestnutbruze there was a bug discovered on the upper body of this avatar. We have made the fix but I am unable to apply the changes while the collection is published. Can you unpublish it please so that I can make the change?

@Chestnutbruze Following up on this. @Shibu is this something you can help with?

You can make the changes, then save, then go to the collection and press ‘‘push changes’’ button

Oh, cool. That was very easy. The elbows were showing as white instead of orange. I have pushed the corrected changes and they are ready for review (now showing orange). Thanks!

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