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TheFabricant NeoCreatorsMVFW '23

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Manga Dress by RuRingoM

Manga Speech balloon by RuRingoM

Uncommon Sense Jacket

Uncommon Sense Pants

Hello checking this now

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Hello @thefabricant

  • Manga Dress by RuRingoM : Please add some back geo to the floating signs, items are not double-sided in game (see image) , remove upperbody from “replace”, update thumbnail > 1024 square, PNG with transparent background.
  • Manga Speech balloon by RuRingoM : Tech is good, use category > top head add hides: hat, tiara
  • Uncommon Sense Jacket : Reduce tris count to 1500. Avoid any see-through (see image) , update male representation
  • Uncommon Sense Pants : Reduce tris count to 1500. Update male representation, check hips skin weights > avoid clipping and disconnections with lowerbody (see image)

Hi @fabeeobreen , thanks for the comments!

Will work on them and post again here.


The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hi @fabeeobreen

I’ve implemented your comments and re-uploaded the assets + test in world.

Manga dress:

  • floating elements double sided
  • remove upper body from “replace” field
  • updated thumbnail
    Manga Speech Bubble:
  • changed category to top head
  • changed “hide” field to: hat, tiara
  • reduced tri count
  • internal part of the jacket double sided
  • updated male avatar view
  • reduced tri count
  • update male avatar view
  • changed hips skin weight

Please let me know if there’s any other comments!


Hello @AndreaTF

Hi @fabeeobreen , I’ve re-uploaded both uncommon sense pants and jacket with new versions - didn’t know you could have a different model for male and female!

Hope this solves the intersection problems.

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Hello @AndreaTF !

  • Uncommon Sense Pants : Good to go!
  • Uncommon Sense Jacket : There some problem in the export, item is not working (see image)

oops, @fabeeobreen just re-uploaded jacket and tested in world, seems to work fine now (was a mismatch in number of bones from other avatars)

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Hello @AndreaTF !
Much better! :slight_smile:
Jacket: Can you try to bring tris count to 1500/1700?

@fabeeobreen no problem, reuploaded with 1566 tris

Hello @AndreaTF
Please make sure you don’t have holes on the wearable.
Try merging vertex before apply reduction or manually adjust them after the reduction

yes sorry, could you check now please? I’ve closed all holes before decimating @fabeeobreen

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Collection is approved! :slight_smile: @AndreaTF

thank you so much for all the comments @fabeeobreen !

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