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The Voice Launch Collection

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The Voice Mask

The Voice Pentagram

The Voice Pentagram Slides

The Voice Chair Hat

The Voice Chair Boots

The Voice Chair Shorts/Skirt

The Voice Piano Shirt

The Voice Piano Skirt/Trousers

The Voice Gala

The Voice Buzzer Watch Emote

The Voice Buzzer Watch

The Voice Sunglasses

The Voice Chair Jacket

Will check this collection now

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey! The following need to be fixed:
-Shorts have some clipping and loose vertices at the marked areas.
-Mask needs to hide facial hair or be adjusted to not clip with it.
-Dress needs to be adjusted and weight painted to only be affected by the hips bone at the connecting area to fix the clipping issue.
-“The Voice Gala” wearable shouldn’t hide feet since shoes aren’t included.
-Hide helmet for the hat and glasses.
-Make the earrings on the thumbnail bigger so they are the same size as the watch.


I’ve done the fixes for this but I don’t really know what to do with the dress because if we add feet they will go everywhere when the character is dancing. Any suggestions?

The only solution would be to make some shoes for the male representation then and add them to the glb

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Ok. I’ve made the changes. I added shoes to the male outfit and made the rest of the changes. Let me know if there is anything else.

Noticed these clipping on the female version of the pentagram wearable and also legs for the female representation of Gala have to be fully weighted to leg bones.

I was able to get the pentagon dress done but if we put fully weighted legs under that Gala dress the legs will go outside of the dress. I thought this was something that people have done with many wearables. Like this one here: Venus Body - Decentraland Marketplace

And others that have no moving legs that I’ve seen in world many times.

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Hey @FrankyNeedles I’m aware there are some that don’t follow the rules because they were released before they were created. The reason I cant approve it is because it will create some gameplay issues. Please let me know when the file is updated to follow the current guidelines

Just so I’m clear, when was this new rule implemented? The wearable I mentioned was minted mid April 2023. I’m just trying to be as up to date as possible as you know I send a lot of wearables.

The last edit was a couple days ago where all the rules were made clearer. We will have to go back and double check the wearables to make sure everything is in compliance with the rules below or request the creators to update.

This will be a massive undertaking. DCL has hundreds of broken wearables from the early collections. Not to mention the user stuff. Good luck.

Hey. My modeler tried to make invisible legs under the dress. Would this work or should we try another fix? We really could use some advice on how to get this wearable approved. Thanks.

To have this approved youll have to weight the dress to both left and right upper leg and leg bones

Oh. I thought you were saying we needed legs under the mesh. All you want is us to fix the weights?

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Correct! Right now its weighted to only one leg which will cause some gameplay issues. If you split the weighting to both legs it will be good to go! :smiley:
Sorry for the confusion! :unamused:

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Thank you! I’ll have it ready in a bit.

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Legs are weighted. Thanks Yannakis!!! Sorry for the confusion.

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Collection approved!