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the Sheople Collection

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sheople™ Cyber Armour

sheople ™ Cyber Armour


yoooo!!! this is sick Great Job Would love to see and have these in DCL!

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Hey, cool suit
A couple issues:

There’s a gap between the upper_body and the default lower_body, you need to make sure they align properly

You need to hide feet on the lower_body

It doesn’t currently have a female representation, do you want to add this?

good job.
the female version would be nice.also.

Thanks so much! It’s the first one so I had no idea how to access this forum to respond.

These wearables come for free with the purchase of our Tier 3 NFT-Shirt!

The female version is ready to go! We just have to submit it. We wanted to make sure the male version worked. I have hidden the feet so we should be good!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for the feedback. I have sent the requirements to our designer and he will be fixing it immediately. Once the revisions are in, does it just get automatically submitted for review again?

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No, please tag me here when the changes are made so i can review them

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Hi there, my builder says he has fixed the problem. Could you check for me please. Thank you

looks like the upperbody includes both torso and legs, and the lower body includers lower body and feet. But upper body replaces lower body so its not possible to wear the shoes at the same time.

@Chestnutbruze Thank you. I have sent it to my guy and he said he will be able to fix it on Monday.


Hello! So, we had to find a completely new guy to do it because the other guy completely ripped us off :(. They should be all fixed now with both female and male representation

@Yannakis HI there! Is there any way you could check the updates on the armour? Thank you so much