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The Oracle Set

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The Oracle’s Pants

The Oracle’s Chest

The Oracle’s Headpiece

The Oracle’s Shoes


Will check these soon!

I friggin love the blue color! Especially in the headpiece! :heart_eyes:

Hey, there are some gaps on upper body, flipped normals on lower body, gotta use hair slot for the hair and please reduce the emission strength for all a bit

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

hi, so sorry it’s been awhile since i’ve gotten back to you, got real busy irl. I’ve uploaded new version of the fixed files, can you let me know if ok, thanks.

Looks great. Please change the category to hair for the hair wearable and add male representations.

awesome, i changed it to hair, @Yannakis ( but for gender representation, it’s a based off a female character NFT, , i think before i spoke to a moderator here, who told me to just put it as female, for graphic issues.

@Yannakis upvote^ zzzz

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Hey, you can just reupload the same wearable and select both genders for hair. Please let me know once you do so and ill approve asap!

@Yannakis just uploaded the hair again as both genders, thanks!

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Hey, could you please adjust to the male waist too and upload as male represenations for upper and lower body? Shoes should work as they are so just reupload and select both genders since its one of the rules for wearables to have representations for both genders.

@Yannakis I reuploaded with both genders, can you confirm if this is acceptable?

You need to adjust to the height and use as male represenation. Same for lower body. And for feet the same you did for hair

@Yannakis I would prefer to have this costume in just female mode, i’d rather not have male representation, we are a waifu organization, this is the artwork in question

hope u can permit just female representation

can i resubmit as female only?

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@Yannakis i resubmitted with a male model under male gender, please confirm if this is ok? sorry for the trouble

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Looks like they only have either a male or female represenation. Check the image below for the steps on how to upload both representations


this step of 2., selecting no… i do not see this option anywhere… i remember it existing while ago, but i do not see it now

@Yannakis could u help me with the previous msg^