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The OG Collection

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Grumpy Kitty

Yolo Dog

To the Moon

I will check collection now ~

Awesome thank you very much

all three wearables are broken in-game, this issue usually happen when skeleton have bones with _end suffix, make sure to delete this bones

male version works fine

Hi, please check i fixed it :slight_smile:

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Hey @Rycks @Rycks2, yolo dog is missing male version is it intented?

collection approved!

Hi @theankou not intented indeed, i just added the male version to yolo dog! I submitted the collection for review again :slight_smile:

collection re-approved!

awesome thank you! Do i need anything on my side to make it available on the marketplace ? (it’s my 1st collection so i’m new on this)

you will need to set price for each wearable and turn on sale button (inside of collection)

Hello @theankou FYI i just edited the thumbnail collection as well, so i had to submit for approval again!

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Hello @theankou @collections - can you please re-approve the collection as soon as you can ? For your information just changed the cover picture of the collection. Thank you

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sorry, but borders on thumbnails should be removed or there should be a good gap between your border and default border

@theankou thank you for your reply. Got it! I removed the border. Ok now ?

the same here, thumbnail should use transparent background, currently its blue

@theankou thank you. I was taking screenshots from the marketplace. How can i have some transparent background ? Are the grey background from the builder ok ?

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 20.35.09
For example if i upload something like this ?

image should be without any background at all

@theankou i have glb file and i can open them with the builder from Decentraland. How to have images without background ?

@theankou : i applied the requested changes here too!

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