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The Mecha Jestpack Skin

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The Mecha Jestpack Skin

This skin belongs 100% to me and i have the rights to publish it.

The skin is floating in the air on purpose making it feel like it is flying, i took the inspiration from another wearable that is floating but the design & jestpack is my own, it hides most of the hat wear since that is already decorized.

The arms aren’t functioning because i had removed it from the armature to let the wearable be more realistic through balancing with the hands down.

The Jester mask and hat are recolored & slightly remodeled from my other wearables and put together as one with the jetpack outfit

The backpack icon:

This is the current final design which is tested on the Ropsten Test Network:

This is the wearable design seperated from mask and hat:

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @InJesterr, how are you?
Just having a look at this we’re not accepting designs that aren’t weighted to the armature accurately without hands and feet representation to avoid any issues in game with upcoming improvements and features to the platform. If you want this to still have a flying effect maybe consider having some cloud style hands or maybe hands made out of cards that you designed before? (Just a recommendation)

With the current weighting I can’t approve but feel free to let me know if I can support further!
I also noticed the male representation was repeated, let me know if that was intentional otherwise all good.

When you’re ready for re-review just drop me an @ so I can get notified. Thank you~ :cloud: :v:

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Hey @michi its not completely seperared from the armature it is only just like the witchcraft, i will send you an example here so that you would understand, so it looks likes this but instead of a broom the legs for me it is just the arms and the legs i have seen many wearables published like this so i weighted only the spine, spine 1, neck, head and shoulders, the others are are categorized but they are weighted blue which mean it’s not heavy so that they dont move.

I also did some tests on Ropsten with another jetpack model that had been also approved that was published by a friend of mine.

I did not create this one but i helped him test it and publish it on market, so the lower body here is on the armature but down from the knee it is seperated.

So is there anything i can do to get it approved like this because it works fine, i would love to hear your opinion <3

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Hey @InJesterr ,
Had a quick look and this was approved prior to the updates to guidelines (refer below: published Jan 25th) around vehicles, static avatars and mounts. Currently we’re not approving things that aren’t weighted with hands and feet due to the gamified features and future platform changes. Please also remember that wearables are approved on a case-by-case bases. The broomstick, jetpack and this skin are all very different designs but really if they were submitted now they would have the same feedback as to this. The committee don’t go back and disable wearables with sales to have the best interests of the community in mind. (The only time we do that is if there’s a legal issue or IP infringement) I hope this helps you understand~

If you want it to have a hovering effect I’m super happy to work on a solution with you of how you can incorporate the armature into your design. I think there’s a bit more flex with the feet but hands are a 100% must for approval.

Definitely check things out like Polygonal Minds : Haunted Ghost Kid

Recently published deadly plant that incorporates the vines as arms and legs:

the DCL whale collection using water hands and fins as an interesting way to have the representation

Feel free to let me know how you go!

I really recommend creating some stylized hands that match the design and blend really well with your design style :v: :face_in_clouds:

Oh how unfortunate, well you know whats right better then me so i woul have to make the required changes.
The card design wasn’t mine so i wouldn’t be allowed to put that through publication, i will have make something different perhaps since it had to be this way, i will let you know when i am done.

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All good, let me know when you’re ready and I’m excited to see what you make! Feel free to reach out anytime :ok_hand:t2:

I have readded the arms to the armature and added a smoke/transparent shape down to the feet to give it a look as a force that makes it fly, so now the transparent force are linked to the jetpack which are now the feet ( Barely visible to the naked eye to make it realistic ) and the arms function as a usual arm.

You would be able to see the beam in game aswell it is just transparent :wink:

Arms to armature
Smoke force (feet level)
Jetpack is replaced so arms wont clip through
Updated the Thumbnail

I liked the card idea but i am unable to publish something like that since the whole idea was from another creator who doesn’t allow me to use their mesh anymore, thats unfortunate but there is nothing we can do about that factor. i really appreciate you as my reviewer, thanks for the solutions i hope you are going to like the updated wearable <3

Thank you for your work @michi

What a legend!
Thank you for being so patient and making those changes, you can now fly free~




This looks dope Injesterr! It’s good to see you back.

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Thanks mate i appreciate it! :heart:

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