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The King of Decentraland

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Gold Crown With Large Diamond

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New Thumbnail. @Shibu @vrglitch @Lauretta @Malloy @SteveScott @Chestnutbruze

@Lauretta This is my best work. Others will try to company but i did it first.

hey @mrmookie it is indeed a gorgeus crown, will review it later today

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nice crow there is a small issue with the hair thought

in some hairstyles looks really cute but in hairs like the punk hair it colliders with the crown, let me know if you prefer to add hair to the crown or remove the hair completely, everything else is correct @mrmookie

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okay i have added replaces hair to Crown

im really sad about that i wanted to keep it to where it would work with some hair style instead of none at all. Bald head King crown looks weird. when i added the hair it was too many textures. @Lauretta What if i change the description to "will not work with all hair styles so that the one buyer knows this before buying it.

yeah, that will work for me I mean if the buyer knows it I feel it will be cool

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are the best! I have updated the Description! You just changed my life! @Lauretta

nah, thanks to you will approve as soon as possible

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@mrmookie have noticed that you will also have to hide or replace hats

sorry for the incovenience

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I must of missed Hat in the Docs. Just updated it. good to know for the next crown. also there is a halo crown under review also a week now . Collection is “the perfect halo” its has the DCL logo on top.

thanks for letting me know I will approve this one and review the other one as soon as I can

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