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The King

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King Shoes (ICE Level 2)

King Shoes (ICE Level 4)

King Shoes (ICE Level 1)

King Shoes (ICE Level 3)

King Shoes (ICE Level 5)

King Pants (ICE level 1)

King Pants (ICE Level 2)

King Pants (ICE Level 3)

King Pants (ICE Level 4)

**King Pants (ICE Level 5) **

King Jacket (ICE Level 1)

King Jacket (ICE Level 2)

King Jacket (ICE Level 4)

King Jacket (ICE Level 5)

King Jacket (ICE Level 3)

King Hair (ICE Level 3)

King Hair (ICE Level 2)

King Hair (ICE Level 1)

King Hair (ICE Level 4)

King Glasses (ICE Level 1)

King Glasses (ICE Level 2)

King Glasses (ICE Level 4)

King Glasses (ICE Level 3)

King Hair (ICE Level 5)

King Glasses (ICE Level 5)

Checking this out now :+1:

@Chestnutbruze waza ser! i noticed that details on shoes are not showing and the pants clip a little with the regular wearables. getting fixes on shoes in asap then will find solution to pants

Hey @Saus , awesome looking set!

A couple of things to fix though.

  1. The jackets aren’t skinned properly around the waist area, the lower part of the upper body has to be 100% skinned to the waist, you can see it doesn’t align with the pants right now because of it. The same goes for the female jackets.

  2. None of the hair models are visible because they have ‘‘Hair’’ under the hide tab, so the hair hides itself.

  3. I see from the thumbnails of the shoes that they have unique patterns, but none of these are visible on the ingame model. it looks like the thumbnail ones are using a texture to change the specularity to create the patterns, but the material for wearables doesn’t allow for specularity. I’d suggest adding the patterns to the colormap instead.
    image image

okay good, i just wrote some feedback that involved the shoes, upper body and hair parts. I also noticed the pants clipping, but since you are on it I wont mention it

@Chestnutbruze yes this was a very, very old idea of mine that we repurposed into an ICE line - great catch on the pants and jackets tho will be reworking this. I fixed hair. ty ser

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Hey @Saus Another thing i’d suggest improving are the thumbnails for the hairstyles, i couldnt see them before so i didnt notice it. But the current thumbnails doesnt show them off in all their splendor. A side view of the hairstyles might do the trick. But this is just a suggestion

@Chestnutbruze i have received some extremely fatal news this morning that the Elvis foundation will most likely not be ok with this and thus we will have to repurpose the entire collection.

@Chestnutbruze I just updated these, it looks like we should be safe from the any copyright. Want to get the approved first and then we will quadruple check w legal team to be sure

Hey @Saus they look the same as I last saw them. Can you check if it was updated correctly?
Or what updates were you talking about specifically?

@Chestnutbruze I updated the pants and jacket - they should be reskinned. Let me know if not can reupload

Ah okay i see, I thought you were remaking the entire costume.

The only thing that remains is the shoes, the patterns are not visible still compared to the thumbnail, so i’d suggest adding this pattern in the texture too.

@Chestnutbruze I got cleared to release this collection! I think the last thing we were adjusting was the shoes.

@Chestnutbruze ok everything should be good to go ser