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The Holy Ones - Pray

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The Holy Ones Pray

The Holy Ones - Pray on Knees

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi could you upload new thumbnails so they are clear what the emote does?

The emote should also start and end in the idle pose shown in the image attached

The updates have been made! Thank you!

@Sango please let me know if theres anything else that needs to be done! If not please push through when you can. Thanks!


the standing pray still needs the thumbnail changing, could you get the thumbnails from the side too? i think that will make them as clear as possible

ok both have been changed thanks @Sango !

could you center this thumbnail please?

do you think it is ok now @Sango ?

It still seems off center

Ok ive changed it. I understand it slightly favours one side, but has to in order to show the emotes functionality. This is the best that can be done I believe. Please let me know. Thanks so much @sango !


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use the right click button to scroll the view to center the emote

ahhh sorry for the delay now its a lot easier! All fixed up thanks again @songo !

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this collection has been approved