Collection 'The Hillshire Farm Collection' created by LandVault is ready for review!

The Hillshire Farm Collection

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Bread Hat

Rope Sausage Belt

Hillshire Farm Overalls

Barn Boots

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! Please let us know your comments.

We are LandVault and we are publishing these wearables on behalf of our client: Hillshire Farms


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hey, sorry for delay, i’m getting issues with in-world testing

do you have IP rights for Hillshire Farms name? please provide all rights to team

there is an issue with hat also

the rest is fine

Fixed it now @theankou Please let us know if we’re missing anything else

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Hi @theankou! Can we get feedback please? Also, legal has not replied to me

I’m waiting for news from legal team, can’t move forward without their approval

thanks for the update! Anything you need from us that can help with the process?

Hi @theankou ! Happy to send anything that might help the process. Thanks!

Hi! @LandVault Legal team is waiting for more evidence, can you check your mail again, please? you should got message from legal team

@theankou we sent the email. Please let us know if the trademark license document we sent will be enough. We addressed it for the DCL Team. We will send out the signed version as soon as we get news. Thanks!

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Hi @theankou ,

Do you have an ETA on the signed license? We need to manage expectations and comms with clients and the PR team that is planning the press release.


i dont have any ETA, i’m waiting for answer from legal team.

Hi @theankou

Sending a screenshot of the verbal/written agreement between LandVault and Hillshire Farms. Wonder if this is enough to get us approved?

We are also simultaneously signing the license form so we can get that to you and the legal team ASAP


Hi @theankou IF we create a new collection of the same wearables but without the logos and branding, will this help ease the process? Hoping to launch it by Thursday

yes, this will help with proccess. I’ve got an answer from legal team and they told me that they don’t get any reply for authorization request.

Would we have to pay for minting fees to create a new collection? Or can we just remove the 2 wearables with the brand issue from the current collection?

yes, you will need to pay again, and you cant do any change in current collection because colllection name is “Hillishire Farm”. Collection name cant be changed, sadly :frowning:

Thank you for the update @theankou !

Can we still reuse the Hillshire Farms Collection name without the license approval?