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The Egg Collection

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The Incredible Flying Eggman

Hi everyone !
This is my first item, hope this will fit !
Egg collection coming with different variations of the egg helmet

Thanks for everyone in advance !

Hey @Joshkos ! How are you? Did you notice that the wings are visible just from one side?

In another hand, in my opinion the wings can be a bit intrusive/annoying for other users too close to the avatar. Maybe make them smaller to avoid that?

Let me know, thanks!

Hi Shibu !
I m doing great, thanks for your comment and advice.
I didn’t notice for the wings, maybe I should just simplify the helmet and take off the wings.
I modify the wearable right away.

Hi again Shibu,

I’ve modified the wearable, it s now just The Egg !
Thank you !


Hey Joshkos! You forgot to hide the other wearables

Replace: Mask, Hat.

Hide: Head, Facial Hair, Earrings, Eyewear, Top Head, Tiara.

Oops !
Thank you, now it should be ok !

collection approved!

Now you can go eggs-plore Decentraland! :joy:

Thank you Shibu !

Aha :wink:

Have a nice NYE !