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The Decentraland Report

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DCL Reporter - KevinOnEarth999


Hey Kevin! You may want to adjust the female representation model, the avatars have different hip heights. Another option could be removing the female representation if you only plan on using the unique male representation.

Also please try to keep texture count within the limits.

  • 1500 tris per wearable
  • 500 tris per accessory
  • 2 square textures of 512x512px (or lower) per wearable


@Kat thank you! I’ve made the change so the model is specifically for male!
@vrglitch there seems to be a glitch in the builder as I’ve confirmed the texture is only 2, and is at the 512x512 limit. In terms of the triangles, as I understand we are only 98 Tris over, and the limit was a soft cap. Is it still okay to put this through given we are within reason on the Tris and in fact we have only 2 textures?

Thanks! Excited to wear this, hoping to have it on for NFTuesday :smiley:

Hey @KevinClark , geometry its ok. In order to proceed with the process we will need to check the glb file you have submitted. Please send it trough Discord DM or at and i will take a look . Thank you!!

@KevinClark , thanks for your help. Your collection has been approved.