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The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect

Hi! Checking collection now!

can you move butterflies a bit aside from hair and head? if yes, then also remove hat and top head from replacing list :+1: test server on maintenance right now, i’ll come back and check your wearable in-game a bit later

Hi there - Apologies for the delay, I wasn’t aware to check on the forum! I know now :slight_smile:
Everything has been updated as requested. Let me know if this is ready to go.

Thanks so much!

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Hi! remove hat from hiding list, thanksss :slight_smile:

Hey there, thank you! All done :slight_smile:

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hey there - was there anything else before it can be published? :pray:

Hi! i will check collection now :slight_smile:

collection approved!

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Yay! that’s so exciting!
Btw - do you know if there are any promotion opportunities to get eyes on my piece? Thanks!!