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The Artifact Hoodie

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The Metakey Artifact Hoodie

The collection has been assigned to theankou

gm gm comittee! Johnny from Uniqly here, please tag me if it comes to review :slight_smile:

Hey @johnnyclock one of hoodie ropes weight painted unproperly, it’s should be assigned to 1 to spine2 or neck bone (spine2 recommended)

it’s hard to capture, but fingers weight painting is wrong too and needs to be polished

thanks for the quick reply @theankou ! please take a look now, I think its fixed

still bad weight painting (i recommend you just import standard hands, delete unneeded part, and attach this hands to your hoodie, that way weights from default skeleton will be copied to skeleton with your hoodie and both will work fine)

hm that’s weird, because i just did that solution. i will check it out once again

please take a look now @theankou, i copied the arms and armature from the base mesh, now it should work

now it’s broken in world, probably you have bones with _end suffix, just delete all of them (the ones with _end suffix)

ok done, NOW it should be fine :sweat_smile: @theankou

collection approved!