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The Amazing Power

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The Amazing Blonde Hair

  • Description: Must Have- Fancy Blonde Hair
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: hair

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This really is fancy blond hair :see_no_evil:

Hey there even though I can appreciate a good hair style from time to time I’m afradi this is way to similar to the hairstyle from Giorno, At the moment I can approve it as it is.
For me To approve it it has to be different from othe anime one. For that I would recommend do the hair in grayscale and put the material name hair_Mat. That way the hair will change color with the hair tones of decentraland, also I will remove one the circle from the front.

Let me know when you do that! cheers !

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@Lauretta Thank you so much for the feedback. Can I add one the circle from the front instead of removing one. Can I keep the hair color? I think it’s part of the texture.

I wouldnt recommend to keep the texture but you can keep the lines of the hair is that what you want and change and let the hair change color

Thank you. I will change the color. So how about the circel?? Are 4 circels OK to approve?

yep sorry forgot to reply to that

OK. Will let you know when I make the update

Hi @Lauretta , I have made the update. Please review the hair

looks better I would also recommend to change the braid of the back to make it longer since it’s still to similar to giorno and also dont forget to change the thumbnail it has the first one.

Very nice the change of colors with the hair, loving that @Cody

@Lauretta I have made the update. I made the braid shorter because I don’t want to run into shoulder weighting issues. And I uploaded new thumbnail. Hope you will like it lol.

Love the concept design behind this. Fairly simple and generic for everyone to wear.

hey @Cody I’m loving it I will love to wear this one in decentraland will review it in world and come back to you as soon as I can

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hey @Cody the wearable its ready to go,and I’m going to approve since I believe this is different enough however I will recommend you to send an email to since althought the wearable has somethings changed I believe it’s better that you assure it just in case

@Lauretta Thanks for the advice. I will send them an email.!