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The Wear-A-Barrel ™

Hello checking this now

Hello @AlanHowick !
Wearables must follow the reference armature, arms and legs.
Please include arms in skin weights.
Let @ me know here when you are ready!

Hi @fabeeobreen,
Thanks for reviewing this. I’m not sure I’m following. The wearable is designed to have hands locked into holding the top of the wearable.
This is done the same way Kraken had arms forced holding a torch on their Metaverse Music Festival wearable.
Can you please clarify?

Hello @PepeGawd !
Weare not approving posed arms/legs anymore, that’s for the widest emote compatibility.

I see…
Unfortunately there is no way to have our barrel as a wearable without locking arms upwards… Otherwise the arms will clip through the barrel itself.
Is there no way we can have a barrel as a wearable?

I would suggest to scale the barrel slightly, some clipping there would be fine i think.
Especially if you then combine it with a custom emote made ad-hoc

Hi @fabeeobreen.
Thanks for your quick replies.
Could you please, for my benefit, be a bit more specific as to what the exact problem is?
This way I will be able to address it properly.

Hello @AlanHowick
You will need to pose and skin the arms in Tpose following the origianal character skeleton/armature

Ok… so you’re saying the arms cannot be locked in place?
I’m just curious, when was this rule enabled?
I didn’t see anything regarding this in the DCL docs… maybe I missed it?
Also, is this the only problem with the wearable? That the arms are locked in?

This was decided when emotes were launched, it is in the official documentation: “Each asset must be weighted to the full skeleton” Creating wearables | Decentraland Documentation

Gotcha. Thanks for the link.
We’ll work on a solution and get back to you asap.

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Hi @fabeeobreen,
I have updated the .glb files.
The arms are now free to move.
Please let me know if this is good.
Thank you!

Hello @AlanHowick ! :slight_smile: Good!!

  • Male representation: check head skin weights > head scale is driving out some vertex on the chest (see image) , just remove head weights from there. Female is good to go!
  • File is 2.3 mb. Can you compress thumbnail with and load it again?

Hi @fabeeobreen,
I have uploaded new .glb files.
I believe we have solved the problem you pointed out.
I have also compressed the thumbnail down to 74 KB.
Hopefully this version works. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

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