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TerraZero Pool Party

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, this is really awesome!
Make sure the head is weighted to the top most bone on the armature unless that was an intentional design choice, currently doesn’t work with head explode and might effect other emotes that enter market~

Some flipped faces on the bottom of the shorts~

And please hide helmet!
Please feel free to let me know when it’s updated, thank you.

Hey, thank you for the feedback! This wearable’s tech has already been approved, just updating the skin color now. Would appreciate if you could kindly approve of this texture change, as the avatar will be in use tomorrow. Thank you!

Hey @terrazerostudios ,
Re-reviewing I noticed no changes were made. Just for context are you saying a previous wearable was approved with quality issues OR you’re saying this has been pre-approved by a foundation member?

I would recommend making the minor update of flipped faces on the leg so this can be approved~

Oh sorry, for clarity, the wearable was approved by the committee and was considered to have no technical issues. It has already been approved, minted, and worn in-world. We are modifying one texture with a lighter skin color, and would appreciate that change approved. Thanks!

Hi @terrazerostudios ,
Looks like the previous wearable had same issue and you either updated or might need to have @fabeeobreen re-review. Please let me know once you’ve updated and I can re-review for approval.

Hey! We’ve just made the requested edit of sealing the pant legs. As for the head-explode, that was a stylistic choice, so all good there. Thank you so much for helping elevate our wearable. Excited to see this go through for our use today!

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Thank you for your patience , this is approved! :smiley:

Hey there, we had to update the skin tone for (hopefully) the final time. Would very much appreciate approval on the update! Thank you so much for your patience :slight_smile: