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Template Cargo Pants

Template Cap

Template T-Shirt

Template Shoes

Template Jacket

Template To The Moon


reviewing this now :+1:

The pants are so epicccc :open_mouth:


Cool collection, a couple of things you need to fix though.

  1. The backpack is ‘‘top_head’’ category, but it’s largely located on the back. I see you placed 3 triangles on top of the head, but imo it’s not suffucient to qualify as a top_head wearable. What you can do is to make it part of the cap wearable. Or make a helmet or something that includes the backpack in it. Or make it part of the torso wearable.

  2. Thumbnails on the two upper bodies should be improved. Ideally they should be more upclose.
    And the t-shirt that shows the arms; you should edit out the skin part from the thumbnail

can you explain how this got passed as a tiara in that case? Collection 'Big Bad Joints' created by BadPhotographer is ready for review!

Hey guys. This is my collection that Sango created. Hopefully we’re all good now with the updated thumbnails, and I’d appreciate if the jet pack could be approved. There’s only going to be a few of these given out to the team on our discord.

I was also hoping it’s not too late for you to adjust the quantities for me? I’d like them all to be set to 10,000 with the exception of the jetpack which can stay at 10. This is just down to a slight change of plans with who we are going to air drop to.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me or Sango. I’d like to try and drop these next week so would really appreciate an approval in the next few days. :pray:

Hi, thanks for improving the thumbnails, appreciate it :+1:

But I cannot approve the jetpack currently, for the reasons I expressed earlier. So you have to adjust it.

you can still change the quantity of the wearables in the builder

Hi. No problem. We have made amendments to the jet pack now and need to know how to update it, since I cannot add in the builder. Also, the builder does not allow me to edit the quantities after submission - the field is locked.

Please let me know how best to make these updates. Thanks

Hey, I believe in order to change quantity i will have to reject the proposal temporarily, will do that now :+1:

You can upload a new model here, under ‘‘edit representation’’ btw

Great. I’ll get on that now.

Hey, looks like rarity cannot be changed after submission. Sorry for the confusion!

Ah dammit. that’s a shame. Ok, if there’s absolutely no way to do it other than a new paid submission then we’ll just have to go with this. I’ve uploaded the new jetpack representation. We now have a funky pair of rocketman glasses going on. Hope this is ok now.

The new ones are really not an improvement at all, you just moved the triangles from the top of the head to the eyes. For example what you can do is take the cap you have already made, include that with the backpack. Then I can approve it.

ok. we thought about this but there was a concern with going slightly over the triangles or something due to the emissions on the T logo on the cap. If you think it will be ok, then we can proceed with that in stead tho. Or alternatively, would a plain t-shirt work better with the pack?

they have been turned into eye wear. there has recently been eyewear passed that has the main part of the mesh not in the eyewear so this should be sufficient

it will exceed the limit, but not to an excessive amount, so it’s fine :+1:

This is not an eyewear, it is a top head category

ok it should have been set as eyewear

Now set as eyewear. sorry for the confusion!

No worries, but it should be represented in the thumbnail if it is an eyewear. Right now it’s only showing the ‘‘back’’ part, the eyewear part is not visible.

Edit: also i checked it now and it’s now set as top_head with the old model, can you double check it?