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Tabby Swirl

Coach Float

Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

The category for the wearable was wrong, but I’ve corrected it already :slight_smile:

Hello @bubba !
Tabby Swirl : as the wearable is mostly on upperbody category, can you bind it with the upper body and update it using that category?

Coach Float: this is not working ingame, the avatar freeze. Are you using the base rig scene to create the animation? Rigging features | Decentraland Documentation
You can preview wearable and emotes in game by clicking on “see in world” button
Decentraland: How to Submit Wearables to the DCL Forum for Approval - YouTube

@fabeeobreen for the Tabby Swirl, we wanted the avatar to be able to use their own upper body and see it through the transparency. We put the earring just to have a category to fit in as there isn’t an appropriate one. If it really isn’t acceptable we can change that.

For the Coach Float, we’ll debug again. It did that before. A bit weird how it works in the editor but not in the world. Will get back to you on it.

Best regards

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@fabeeobreen emote updated now :slight_smile:

Hello @bubba !
Emote is now working good! :slight_smile:
Just a question: is this deformation intentional? (see image)
Let me know once you update the Tabby Swirl, it has to bind with uppder body to avoid major clipping with other wearables and emotes.

Hey @fabeeobreen :slight_smile:

That deformation is not intentional, will have a look into it.

About the Swirl, what do you mean by “bind” it with the upper body? We want it to be static so when the avatar makes movements it goes through the swirl, as if it were holographic almost.

Not sure if that’s what you mean, or do you mean just to add something underneath it and put it as upperbody? We wanted it so that people could wear it with other wearables underneath, it works well overall in our tests.

Hello @bubba !
Add something underneath it and put it as upperbody will work!

@fabeeobreen if possible we would like to keep the Swirl as it is - we think it contemplates a lot more the diversity of the community when it can interact with what people wear underneath.

I’ll talk with the curation team about this and let you know @bubba

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@fabeeobreen the distortion in the emote has been corrected now :slight_smile:

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Hello @bubba !
Tabby Swirl : please update this wearable using upperbody category > As it’s covering the whole upper body space you will need to combine it with upperbody mesh and use this category.

Hey @fabeeobreen, we’ve updated the swirl to your request :slight_smile:

But would like to leave the feedback for the committee that it is really sad that the current category system is so non comprehensive.

It is not the first time that we need to change essential aspects of our wearable because there is not an appropriate category. We would’ve really liked if our wearable could interact with underneath upper body wearables as it currently is doing - you can see the wearable underneath even if not in it’s entirety, that is why it is an accessory and not a wearable, it is to accessorise. We could’ve made it a bit more transparent. We even put an earring just to be able to fit into some category, as we have had to do in other wearables as well - being instructed by the committee to do so.

Hello @bubba !

  • Hips deformation is still present when you play the emote, any chance you caan fix it?
  • Coach Float emote pushes up the Tabby Swirl on first frame, is this intentional?

I understand your needs to have multiple categories of accessories, but this is not an option at this time: the category structure exists to provide each player with a maximum number of tris and textures per character, and is necessary for performance reasons.
In this case the swirl is taking almost all of the space occupied by upperbody, it would have been different if this was just a single ring around hip. Basically when you are creating an accessory that takes lots of the space of an existing category you should combine it with that one.

Hey @fabeeobreen thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

We had to change some stuff in the animation, let me know if it works now.

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Hello @bubba !
Side deformation is gone but you are having another one down the chest: see below

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@fabeeobreen the 7th time’s the charm (maybe) :sweat_smile:

thanks for the patience there

Collection approved!

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