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sweet lolita set

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Lolita angel wings

Strawberry rabbit lolita dress

Rabbit bones Lolita Dress

Moonlight rotate Lolita Dress

Rabbit ear headdress

Astronomical Clock Bag

hi i will review this now

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could you attach the bag to an upperbody part to avoid clipping?

The wings will also need something above the head so it suits the tophead category, it will alos need reducing to a total of 500 triangles

could you also edit this so the shape isnt so similar to the playboy bunny ears (one ear flopping over)

playboy bunny ears for reference:

update!please try again?

still clipping on the bag

also still need to add something to the wings to make it fit the category

clipping issues

skirt on this item has its normals reversed

update again!please try again?thank you !

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the bag is still clipping.

also the dress needs closing up at the bottom to hide the backfacing faces

some clipping at the waist of the pink dress

and same with the orange and black one

Hi!update again!wish them can be passed this time!

could you angle the wings back a a bit so the dont clip on the arms when running

bag still has clipping on the waist

dress hasnt been touched and still needs backfaces fixing

same with the black and orange

and pink

hi!please try again~thanks for your advise,wish they could be pass this time!

This collection has been approved