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Supermind Beautiful Heart & Soul

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Supermind Beauty Soul Necklace

Supermind Beauty Heart Top

I will check collection now!

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Thank you so much @theankou!

Hey @supernina make sure to do thumbnails according to this limitations:

you will need to add mask model to match mask category, i recommend you to use earring category for necklace wearable (but you will need to add earring model on ear and represent this earring on thumbnail also)

upper_body is ok :slight_smile:

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Hi @theankou! Thank you for your feedback - I will make these updates shortly. Is it OK if I put the necklace in the Top Head category? This would help with the tris limits and be much appreciated!

you will need to add top_head model on top of head area to match top_head category

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Thanks again for the feedback @theankou! I made these updates to the thumbnail and set it to the earrings category - Let me know if this is good!

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Hey @supernina , make sure that your thumbnails don’t cover 90% of image space, here is example how thumbnail should look

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Hi @theankou Thank you for the feedback! I just revised the thumbnails - would really appreciate your thoughts!

I wanted to highlight the detailing in my accessories and top; is it alright if it’s more of a close up style like a few of the thumbnail examples? I also reduced the spacing used so there’s more transparent space.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

collection approved!

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Thank you so much @theankou!!

Hi @theankou! I made a few tweaks to my collection to reduce clipping issues. Would really appreciate it if you could re-approve this! Warm Regards, Nina

collection re-approved!

Hi @theankou! Just made some updates to my tags! Hope that’s okay for re-approval :D!

collection re-approved!