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Bruh… there’s something called copyright :skull: :sob:


Hey my friend!
I didn’t realise this hadn’t been reviewed by anyone yet. I’ll jump on this and if you can send confirmation this is your original design to it will speed up the process. Thank you for your patience~

Just reviewing this, currently there is just a few clipping issues on the side of the legs. Maybe looks like faces need to be flipped. On the foot you’ll see the tip of the toe is also stretching a little.


When you do a fun super hero jump, there is reversed faces/gaps on the front heels

Let me know once these changes are made! As per my last post I saw the first two images and mentioned to shoot an email through to legal, I still recommend due to this design being a derivative of the first two. Thank you!

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Done!! please check now @michi @Lauretta

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Hey I’ve had a look at this and there are no longer clipping issues and I can see you’ve moved it further away from the original design.
This is approved, thank you~

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thank you for the guidance :yellow_heart:

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