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Icool MOOD Sunglasses

  • Description: Mood to be cool in sunglasses! Find my other glasses collection)
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: eyewear

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Hello checking this now

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Hello, @Michael
Please limit texture and material number to 2.
Any chance you can reduce the polycount ?
Limit for acessories is 500. I saw you replace helmet and mask, try to stay within the 800 tris

ok, i got it, thanks. I will try and write to you

I have made the necessary changes, please check)

Hello @Michael !
Tech is good! Nice job!
I would reccomend you to get rid of the “sunglasses mood” typo in the thumbnail since it’s gonna be barely visible. What do you think?

I already did it) Please check)

Hello @Michael please hide mask or reduce your wearables to 500 tris

Yes I did, sorry it was my mistake

I hid mask, Please check

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Hello @Michael collection approved!

Thanks a lot! Have a great mood)

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